Sunday, 15 March 2015

Brush Egg Review

This little brush cleaning tool I picked up on ebay is great. I hate cleaning my brushes but it's something that has to be done and I am quite picky about clean brushes. 

This Brush Egg was only €1.30 so instantly thought well I give it a go and see if it's any good. Luckily it is good and I got it at a great price. 

It's so simple to use and really cleans the bristles of the brushes properly, getting all the make up out of there. The idea of this is that you put this on your fingers and then using shampoo or whatever you prefer to clean your brushes with rub the brush against the little bumps to get right into the brush to clean it properly. Then doing the same run it under the tap to rinse it all out. 

That's it its all clean and so simple. It's very small and looks great for throwing into a makeup bag for travelling which I really like about it. 

It did however take two to three weeks to arrive which is kinda normal for ebay stuff but when it did arrive it only contained four in the package not the five I ordered, I am getting onto them about that as it's probably just a mistake. Other then that I have now faults with it at all I really do like this little thing.

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  1. I saw this recently too but really didn't want to get it just because its gonna take like 3 weeks to get here. Still searching for one in the UK!


    1. I know the feeling the 3 week wait drives me insane lol I just gave in and ordered it but would have been great to find one closer. Thanks for the comment 😀

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