Sunday, 15 March 2015

My new filter bottle

Just wanted to do a little post on something that I have gotten recently that I love and wanted to share how much I love it lol. 

I recently got this filter bottle and am completely obsessed with it now. My sister was ordering one online and asked if I would like one too. It was only about €3 as well so it's a bargain and only took about a week or two to arrive. It's also in my favourite colour pink. It does come in other colours too like blue, purple and green. 

It's the perfect size not too big for a bag but big enough to have for drinking while I'm out. It's also really easy to clean, I hate complicated thing's with lots of parts to them. 

You fill it up with water obviously and then put the filter in and the cap on. That's about it. It's not a really hard plastic as when you take a sip you sort of squeeze it a little to push the water through the filter, but it's not an annoying thing either I sort of do it out of habit now. It's great to have filtered water and not bottled water that I have bought. I'm terrible for buying bottled water so thought this idea was perfect. My other sister loved it so much that she has even ordered one to now and one for a friend. 

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