Thursday, 5 March 2015

February Favourites

I haven't ever done a favourites post before but this month I have had so much that I like that I decided to do one. I have six products that I would like to talk about, some I have already reviewed and some I have only just found or repurchased.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I know that everyone and their mother must know about this product by now and actually my own mother has actually started to use it and really likes it and mainly for the same reason that I do. It's not the first time I've used this. I have actually just repurchased it after not using it for a month or so and have started to love it all over again. This is so gentle on my skin but also leaves a really nice clean feeling. I use it to remove my make up as well as a cleanser for daily use when I'm not even wearing makeup. I suffer from eczema especially around my eyes which flares up very easily and I find a lot of cleanser or make up removers sting my eyes leaving them irritated and red for a while. Once something does irritate it it takes a few day to clam down. I haven't had any irritation from this at all which is such a relief. It also lasts forever, well not actually forever but takes a lot of use to even make a good dent in it. I use it every morning before putting on anything on my face and again at night when taking off make up.

Boots Time Delay.

This is a double action containing Instant Tautening Gel and Anti Aging Cream.

This month I tuned 27 and I know that's not old or anything (please don't tell me it is, I'm still trying to convince my self its not) but I know I should start using some anti aging products to prevent aging and I have always taken care of my skin and don't want to neglect it now. My sister recommended this and the fact that I should be using it ( thanks Ais if your reading this :/) and at first I was maybe a little insulted but then relished I should be in fact be using something like this.

It smells nice which is what I first noticed. It feels lovely on, it's not a heavy cream or gel and its not sticky. It absorbs really well and leaves my skin soft and although it has an instant tightening effect form the taunting gel it doesn't feel like my skin is tight and stuck. I use it twice daily once in the morning and once in the evening. It's not an expensive product and it's definitely cheaper then similar product from different brands. I have always liked boots brand products and found them good quality this is included in this.

Essence XXXL Long Lasting lip gloss 
Shade 07 Silky Red

I recently posted a review of this which you can have a look at HERE so I won't go on to much about it. What I will say is that the Matt Effect of this lipgloss is great and it is definitely long lasting I have no faults with it what so ever and being Essence is not going to make a dent on your pocket either. 

Essence Like an unforgettable kiss fragrance

This definitely makes it to the favourite list because I just can't stop using it. I love the smell so much I can't get enough of it. It's fruity and floraly and to me smells of summer and so girly. Yet again not expensive at all. It was under €8 another reason to love Essence. I did a full review recently which you can check out HERE .

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