Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Dream Dots Review

I have heard loads about these little dots and have been dying to get my hands on them. So it was perfect seeing them being sold at the Irish Beauty show and I picked up a box and so did my sister as they where being sold as two boxes for €15. I thought I'd start off with a little information about them first then about what I thought of them.

What it says:
  • Overnight treatment patches for spots.
  • Clears breakouts, calms, purify, heals, protects helps with fast recovery.
  • Suggests using dream dots for 1 to 3 days at night.
  • The dot turns white overnight.
How to use:
  • Clean the skin before applying the patch.
  • Cover the affected area with a Dream Dot.
  • Leave overnight.
  • To remove the Dream Dots extend the borders slowly away from the skin.
  • Cleanse and dry affected area.
My thoughts:

I used these on two different spots. One that had broken out a couple of days and another that had just popped up over the day. I wanted to see how they worked with different stages of spots. This is how I got on.

Before bed I cleaned my face and then applied the Dream Dots. I thought they might fall off at night but they didn't move at all. One of them was right beside my lip and I could kind of notice it but the one on my chin I completely forgot was there. 

The next morning the one on my chin, which was the new spot was like the packaging says white. The other one however not so much. When I removed the dots the older spot wasn't much different but the newly broken out spot was a lot smaller and less angry looking. I used them again the next night and the same thing happened. The newly broken out spot is now almost gone which usually takes a week to go down and leaves a red mark but after two night it's just a little red mark.

 For me it doesn't seem to work for spots that are already there, but saying that it might for someone else just not for me.  There are 24 in the pack and I'll be keeping them close by for when I see a new one appearing. I can see these coming in handy when typically I breakout just before an event or night out. They definitely decreased the time of my spot which I love. 

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